Program Overview

The International Relations and Political Science allows you to combine your interest in international relations with the study of political theory and the national politics of a variety of countries. The programme largely provides you with insight into a wide variety of questions about politics, economy, and law. 

Would you like to better understand both the political theories and the current global politics?   We provide a distinctive programme that is:

Students; to be able to understand the international relations, to be able to explain and comment, to know at least one foreign language, to think analytically and to have life-long learning consciousness. The program offers courses in International Economics, International Law, International Politics, International Political Economy as well as International Relations Theories and Regional Studies. The lessons taught in the department are semester and the duration of the department is 4 years. The students of the faculties teaching according to Dumlupinar University Central Examination System participate in the examinations as four sessions including midterm and final exam in fall and spring semesters. Students participate in the examinations where they are affiliated. The basic learning material of the students studying in the International Relations Undergraduate Program is textbooks. These books have been prepared by faculty members who are experts in the subject and in accordance with self-learning principles as a requirement of the distance education system.

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